School Philosophy

A Quality Education in a Caring Disciplined Environment

Birchwood Intermediate School offers inclusive education programs in both English and Late French Immersion. Our goal is to provide and develop programs that recognize the unique nature of this dynamic age group and strive to meet their needs in a mutually respectful and supportive environment.

We believe in and adhere to the Public Schools Branch “Caring Places to Learn” policy.


We believe:

  • School should be committed to preparing students with the academic skills and knowledge essential for continued school success and life-long learning.
  • Learning should be a multi-dimensional, exploratory experience in which participation is the primary factor.
  • School should be a place where trusting relationships create an environment for personal growth and intellectual development.
  • School should maintain a social climate which involves everyone in the school community and which is based on respect, acceptance and responsibility for self, others and property used.
  • Quality education should include consistent and fair discipline policies understood and be followed by students, staff and administration.
  • Open and effective communication with parents and the community is vital to the educational process.