Welcome to the Birchwood Library.

Our school library is a quiet, safe and welcoming sanctuary for our students to read, complete assignments and do research.  Our doors are open during lunch hour, as well as, after school Monday-Thursday, 3:00-3:45; unless otherwise stated.

We are excited to offer many new French resources to our students this year and look forward to seeing students and staff utilize such a brilliant space.

Mrs. Gairns is always looking for volunteers, so if you are interested in helping out with the daily happenings of the Birchwood Library, then please stop in and grab a library monitor permission form.

Library Blog

Library Online:

The Birchwood School Library  database is available online at Imagine, you are now able to search our library in the comfort of your own home to see if the school library has the book you are looking for and whether or not it is available. Are you working on a research project or interested in a particular author or subject? You can search at home and you’ll know just where to find the books you need when you visit the Birchwood Library Resource Centre.