School & Athletic Fees

School/Athletic Fees:

  • School fees are $30 per student or $40 for family.
  • School sport teams are as follows:
    • $20 for team sports, $10 for individual sports (plus additional tournament fees, where applicable).
  • This year, the Public Schools Branch has a new method for parents/guardians to make payments for things like school fees, athletic fees, yearbooks, etc.  Please register at the following link to set up your account:  
  • When paying for an item, please include your child’s name, homeroom and then select the item that you are paying for. 
  • Our student fee is $30/student or $40 for a family.  Student fees help cover costs of items not covered in our budget.  
  • If you prefer, you can choose to send cash payment to your child's homeroom teacher.  We are not accepting e-transfers this year.